• Cummins 4B3.9 4BT3.9 4BTA3.9 6B5.9 6BT5.9 6BTA5.9 Service Manual B Series PDF CD

Cummins B Series Service Manuals, Years: 1991 + 1994 PDF CD !!Troubleshooting and Repair Service Manual 588 Pages. PDF format !!!Cummins  4B3.9  4BT3.9  4BTA3.9  6B5.9  6BT5.9  6BTA5.9  Year 1991 and 1994Searchable with Chapters PDF DOC. !!Note:  Computer CD Not printed material !!!Contact us above if E-Delivery Needed !!The Cummins B Series Service Manual intended to aid in determining the cause of engine-relatedproblems and to provide recommended repair procedures. The manual is divided into sections by system. Each section provides general information, specifications, diagrams, and service tools, where applicable.The specific repair procedures are referenced in the Troubleshooting logic Charts.The manual is organized to provide an easy flow from problem identification to problem correction. A list of troubleshooting symptoms containing the most common engine problems is on Page T-2 in the TroubleshootingSection. Complete the following steps to locate and correct the problem:(STEP 1.)(STEP 2.)(STEP 3.)(STEP 4.)Locate the symptom on the list.Reference is made to the procedure number where the "Troubleshooting Logic Chart" is found.The left column of the "Troubleshooting Logic Chart" indicates a probable cause, starting at thetop with the simplest and easiest to repair, and continuing downward to the most difficult.The right column provides a brief description of the corrective action with the reference numberfor the repair.Locate the probable cause in the left column, and then turn to the procedure number in the rightcolumn.The repair procedures are listed by system (Cooling, Lubricating Oil, Combustion Air,Compressed Air, Fuel, Electrical, and Base Engine Components).The Troubleshooting Logic Charts are based on the following assumptions:1. The engine has been installed according to the manufacturer's specifications.2. The easiest repairs are done first.3. "Generic" solutions to cover problems with the most common applications and OriginalEquipment Manufacturers (OEM's).Troubleshooting  Procedures and Techniques  overviewTroubleshooting Symptoms Charts  T-2Alternator Not Charging Or Insufficient Charging  T-48Compression Knocks  T-41Coolant Contaminated T-38Coolant Loss  T-31Coolant Temperature Above Normal - Gradual Overheat  T-25Coolant Temperature Above Normal - Sudden Overheat T-28Coolant Temperature Below Normal  T-30Engine Cranks But Will Not Start - No Smoke From Exhaust  T-4Engine Hard To Start Or Will Not Start - Smoke From Exhaust  T-6Engine Idle Rough (Irregularly Firing Or Engine Shaking)  T-11Engine Noises Excessive  T-47Engine Power Output Low  T-17Engine RPM Will Not Reach Rated Speed  T-15Engine Runs Rough Or Misfiring  T-13Engine Starts But Will Not Keep Running  T-9Engine Surging (Speed Change)  T-10Engine Vibration Excessive  T-45Engine Will Not Crank Or Cranks Slowly  T-3Engine Will Not Shut Off  T-44Exhaust Black Smoke Excessive  T-21Exhaust White Smoke Excessive  T-23Fuel Consumption Excessive  T-42Fuel Or Oil Leaking From Exhaust Manifold T-40Lubricating Oil Consumption Excessive T-36Lubricating Oil Contaminated  T-39Lubricating Oil Pressure High  T-35Lubricating Oil Pressure Low  T-33Table of Contentsi - IntroductionE - Engine IdentificationT - Troubleshooting Logic1 - Cooling System2 - Lubrication Oil System3 - Combustion Air System4 - Compressed Air System5 - Fuel Systems6 - Electrical System7 - Base Engine Components System8 - Engine Testing9 - Engine Removal & InstallationV - Engine Components SpecificationsC - Component ManufacturersL - Service LiteratureX - Index Click to View Image AlbumClick to View Image AlbumClick to View Image AlbumClick to View Image AlbumClick to View Image AlbumClick to View Image AlbumClick to View Image AlbumClick to View Image Album Thanks for looking !!

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Cummins 4B3.9 4BT3.9 4BTA3.9 6B5.9 6BT5.9 6BTA5.9 Service Manual B Series PDF CD

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