• Kubota BX & GR Inner Tie Rod Boots Upgrade (all BX models) Kubota # K1253-01660)

100% Made in the USA Over 900 Kits sold through & other place to Happy Bx Tractor owners all over the world with 100% positive feedback & 100% $$ back GuaranteeKubota BX Inner Tie Rod Boot Upgradea pair of boots (2)(not the tie rod itself ) to replace both sides of *one* BX or GR Tractor(Bota  Products,NC. 27205)Replaces Kubota part # K1253-01660 (a pair)If you own one of these fine machines you also know one  part that fails too quickly. Read the forums on the BX and the inner tie rod boot fails after a few of times into a brush pile or heavy debris clean up. After the boot is destroyed dirt and debris work it's way into the ball socket and will shorten the life of the inner tie rod.Here I have a low cost way to replace the boot with an upgraded Graphite Impregnated Thick Polyurethane design that is not "fixed" in place on both ends. It wipes clean the socket end as the ball joint moves, the boot remains almost stationary but hugs the ball socket to keep out debris & water with it's squeegee action. You searched for (BX tie rod boots) look at the results on the page how many auto/truck boots are "Fixed" at both ends?? None!!There is a good reason,they don't last .My design                    Ball joint moves within socket boot is stationary/grease ableCompetition design    Ball joint moves within socket and boot moves right along with it getting stretched out like the original on every turn you make/non grease ableKubota Design           Same as Competition design with steel spring ties/non grease able Competition has "zip ties" to dry out,fall off ,crack, break, or move when hit by brush, (the same design as Kubota  with plastic zip ties instead of steel rings) they   also use a "bellows" or "accordion" (ever see a thick accordion??) type boot which HAS to be thin in order to "flex". When you turn your wheels all the way to one side get off tractor and look at the tie rod boot, fixed at both ends it is stretched out to the max. How many times do you think that can happen before the boot cracks or split right next to the steel ring holding it. If a branch or brush contact the boot it has little chance of survival if held at both ends with steel spring clips or zip ties. It looks good but does not work on an exposed tie rod on a tractor .Most BX tractor boots crack before 50 hours. Our Boot kit is easy to  install & held against the ball socket side with a 1/8" thick nylon washer and E-clip that fits right into the existing groove already there, the result is a ROCK SOLID BOOT many times THICKER then the original. Easy to grease w/grease needle for servicing. Read the reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. Hundreds of  boots out in the field for 3 years with no problems.2 Boots and hardware included in one kit to repair one tractorNo need to remove front wheels or outer tie rod for installation"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten" & a poor design at any price is a bad choiceHere is the link for the combination of  (2) INNER & (2) OUTER tie rod boots, save $$ only $39.95 for all 4 boots & hardware to do both sides of one tractorhttp://www..com/itm/253347054918?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649U. S.  is FREE Shipping Canada & Australia is the rate shown Simple  Instructions Included

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Kubota BX & GR Inner Tie Rod Boots Upgrade (all BX models) Kubota # K1253-01660)

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