• Panasonic Lumix G7 16MP with 25mm f1.4 lens (please read before bidding)

Item will be delivered from Thailand. Postage worldwide is included and should take about 2 weeks. Good working condition with a couple of minor caveats...I damaged the SD card slot so only some cards work. My workaround is to leave a Micro SD card adaptor inside and use Micro SD cards. Just use a U3 class 10 microSD card (the white one in photos is not included, but I will leave the black adapter in the camera). This is a 100% reliable solution. Some normal SD cards will work (not Sandisk Extreme). Please be gentle if trying them.Also, I used a black marker pen on the "Lumix" and "G" on the front, to make the camera more stealthy for street phitography. It looks better in real life. Also I lost the front cap. I am including an awesome C mount Pentax 25mm f1.4 lens which is great for video- filmic character and good for lowlight.Batteries are usually not allowed in the post here, so no batteries will be included. If you can't buy others easily mine can be sent separately via DHL for $60 (let me know after buying).This is a super reliable camera and has been used for multiple Uscenes relaxation videos in 4K UHD (some videos have been on major airlines for years). Below are some of my favorite things about the package:
  • Almost perfect ergonomics - I can easily carry this all day as it is so comfortable and lightweight
  • Great 4K UHD video - I upgraded from the GH4 as this camera has far superior color science, yet it is cheaper :)
  • Excellent for photography too - It is stealthy for street photography and very fast to operate, like a mini DSLR. I will include a belt holster I use for street photography.
  • The lens is a gem and gives you f1.4 which is very useful at night and for bokeh shots. In photo mode it vignettes until 1:1 (but is acceptable at 16:9). It is great for 4K video and adds a nice warm character, contrast and interesting flares. Surprisingly sharp. Getting a kit zoom too will have you covered for mist conditions.
Let me know if you have any questions. 

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Panasonic Lumix G7 16MP with 25mm f1.4 lens (please read before bidding)

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